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Capture One Pro 8 - Discover Capture One or change from Adobe Lightroom, all levels

Capture One Pro, a raw development software from Phase One, is a very serious alternative to Adobe Lightroom. Phase One is a manufacturer of high-end medium format backs that has developed, first for its digital backs, and then for many other cameras, a software with amazing performance. In the opinion of many pro photographers, and I think the same, Capture One offers higher quality color profiles than Lightroom, allowing , especially in landscape photography, more flattering results, with more natural saturation and improved micro-contrast. I have used C1 for many years in parallel with LR for some of my best images, or specific works.
How about having a choice of 6 color profiles for your image ( high contrast , standard 1 standard 2 extra shadow , linear response , portrait ) in order to adapt for your subject and shooting conditions ? What would you think of a Clarity slider including four rendering options, all very effective ( powerful - natural - classic - neutral ) ? Do you want a more precise and customizable color balance, a more natural and intense saturation, which resembles velvia film ? Capture One Pro 8 offers you these features, for a better optimization of your images. These elements are only selected features of Capture One, but for me, as a professional landscape photographer, they make a clear difference.
In my workshops and photo tours I have no hesitation in recommending Capture One to the most demanding photographers.

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Dates Availability Price
2 or 3 days on demand Contact me. green Spaces available 150 €/d/pers. for 3 persons - 175 €/d/pers. for 2 people - 225 € /d/ pers. for 1 pers. - From 1 to 3 persons. I can adapt to more important groups, just contact me beforehand.

Capture One Pro 8: bookings and information:

  To find the right date for you, please use the form below, or phone (see Contact page)

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Capture One Pro 8, by Phase One
Capture One Pro 8, by Phase One


Capture One Pro 8 Workshop

These courses of 1, 2 or 3 days, with small groups of 2 or 3 people, or just 1 person, will give you all you need to become an expert with Capture One Pro 8 . This latest version of Capture One matches Lightroom on many points (local tools such as graduated filters, brushes, etc, more advanced cataloging functions, etc.), while still improving what makes the strength of C1, superb image rendition and color accuracy.

From the RAW file to the digital print or the web gallery, all stages of digital development and editing are explained in detail by a working pro photographer who process every year thousands of images.

Our courses are adapted to your particular requests, because of the small groups. You will not find this so easily elsewhere..



Course details : Capture One 8 

Program: Capture One 8 

We offer different approaches depending on whether you already use, or not, Adobe Lightroom. Indeed, this course may apply to photographers already comfortable with Lightroom, but willing to put to test - and probably to adopt - the image quality provided by Capture One. Capture One Pro is however a bit more complex to master than Lightroom. If you already use Lightroom, we will see similarities and differences between C1 and LR, to quickly help you to transfer practices and workflow to Capture One. Then we will use the specific strengths of Capture One to further fine tune your image processing skills, so that you can fully appreciate the quality that C1 delivers.
If you are not a Lightroom user, then we offer a more methodical approach to master the software, discovering first the customizable interface of Capture One Pro 8 and its various tools in detail, then going to more advanced features and image processing examples. In this case it takes 2 or 3 days of training, while a transition from LR to Capture One can be managed in one or two days.

Simplified program (2 days) :

Installation and configuration . - Customizing the interface ( similar to Lightroom interface for LR users) - Presentation and tools ( and comparison with Lightroom if applicable) - Import, images catalogs, keywords, captions. - Development strategies - How to develop landscape images . - Export and final touch using third-party software (Photoshop, Nik Software , Autopano, Photomatix )

NB: all work can be performed on a selected batch of your own RAW images or demo images ( landscape, portrait , animal, etc. ) according to your preferences.

landscape image developed with Capture One Pro 8
Image developed with Capture One Pro 8

landscape image developed with Capture One Pro 8
Image developed with Capture One Pro 8

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What's included:

• One workspace per person (Windows 7 or Mac)
• Softwares (Capture One Pro 8 - Photoshop CS 5 and 6, Nik Software, etc.)
• Custom Technical advice
• A written memo, not to forget the basics once back at home.

What's not included:

• Transports, accommodation and meals.
• Special software you already use in your workflow (take with you trial versions)
• Mac: If you work on Mac, you can take your computer with you and use it here, or use a Mac Book Pro laptop that I own.


270 km from Paris to the northeast, near Saint-Mihiel, Meuse. Saint-Mihiel is located between Commercy and Verdun in the Meuse valley. (Nancy, 75 km, Metz, 60 km).
Train Access (TGV): Arrival at Meuse TGV railway station, one hour from Paris. Then bus to Saint-Mihiel, where I can pick you up, free of charge (35 min.).

Food and accomodation:

We can help in your search for accommodation locally (Saint Mihiel, 5 km away) (less than 50 € per night). You can also park your campervan in the surrounding countryside, or in front of our home. Moderately priced good restaurants at St Mihiel..


Take with you a small hard drive (or a large memory card, but it is easier to work on a hard disk), and between 50 and 100 images among your favorites, including difficult images you have trouble optimizing or that you think could be better optimized. You can take pictures for HDR or panoramic images. Each RAW image must be accompanied by a JPEG or DNG image, so that I can see your adjustments. (because adjustments do not follow your raw images on another computer)


Please use the form above.

Other questions ?

Please contact us using the form above or phone if you need more information. Thank you.


Patrick Dieudonné Photo
9 rue de Sampigny
55300 Han sur Meuse
Tel: + 33 (0)3 29 92 08 89
Mobile: +33 (0)6 79 63 27 25


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