Monthly Archives: October 2011

My last trip was in the Dolomites region, a place I wanted to visit for a long time. It was not the best time of year to visit: in August, light was harsh very soon in the morning and sunsets were often obscured by low clouds, but the potential for great photos is immense there. I have to return in mid-season to get better conditions. However, I managed to get some pictures that I can show you. This one is taken with my Ebony SW45 field camera and 180 mm Schneider lens on Fuji Velvia (6x12 cm rollfilm), and represents Lake Carezza, a small emerald green lake at the foot of the Latemar peaks. In high season you have to come very early to avoid hords of tourists who congregate here from 9.00 AM on. This is also necessary because contrast is high and difficult to manage later.
Lake Carezza, Latemar peaks, Dolomites, Italy

Lake Carezza, Latemar peaks, Dolomites, Italy © Patrick Dieudonne Photo