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Process and organize your digital photos: Lightroom Classic courses

Digital photography has changed everything : immediacy, flexibility, fine control of the final image are now possible. There is, however, a drawback: all the post-production work is now up to the photographer, especially when one wants to get the very best of what digital can produce, using raw files.

These courses of one, two or three days are held on demand, for small groups of 2 or 3 people, or one-to-one. They will provide you with a very strong basis if you are just beginning with Lightroom Classic and raw, or bring you many more insights on a real professional workflow if you are a more experienced user. You will also learn how to organize your digital library and your workflow logically.

From the raw file to the digital print or the web gallery, all stages of digital editing are explained to you by a pro photographer who edit, process and caption each year thousands of images, for very demanding clients, including the world's leading picture agency, Getty Images.


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Dates Availability Prices
Please contact me. green Available 160 € /day / pers. for a group of 3. - 180 € / day / person for two. - 240 € / day for individuals. - 1 to 3 students unless otherwise agreed. For larger groups courses can be organized in different places (please contact me)

Booking and information:

To discuss with me the date of your course, use the form below, email me at info (at) patrickdieudonne.com, or call me at +33 (0)

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Adobe Lightroom panel
Adobe Lightroom panel

Lightroom CC Classic Workshop Description

Digital photography only makes real sense when using the full power of the digital negative, raw format. But raw remains somewhat intimidating to the beginner, who generally prefers to shoot in jpeg, and doing so cannot see the main benefits of digital (full control of color balance and exposure, for example). Also a freshly opened raw digital file may look a bit flat compared to the real scene. It is only a digital negative that needs to be enhanced and developed to reflect reality.

A raw workflow, well managed with Lightroom and Photoshop, is actually faster than a typical workflow in jpeg as parameters of development can be instantly applied to multiple images, then Lightroom will generate all the desired outputs, jpeg in most cases, for online printing or web galleries.

Our courses can been adapted to your specific requirements, due to small groups. You will not find this type of workshops easily elsewhere.

Where ?

France, Lorraine, Meuse, near Commercy (see contact page for full address). All courses are held in my studio, up to 3 posts can be operated at the same time, fully equipped with the necessary softwares (Windows and Mac) and 24 p high quality screens (Eizo). You can of course bring your own computer or laptop for a more familiar experience, just tell us in this case.

Our courses can been adapted to your specific requirements, due to small groups.

When ?

In winter (November to January) - Our workshop hours are as follows:

9h-12h 30/ 12:30 am-14: lunch break together, usually at home, or small restaurant./14h-18h 30, with a coffee break in the middle.


A raw file (muted and bluish colors) developed in LR (Iceland)




Adobe Lightroom Classic workshop details 

A detailed program is available in french on the french section of the website.


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